To Vote or Not-To-Vote…

…this is my dilemma…

…well almost…

The UK is having a general election this coming Thursday – 7th May and I’m slightly ashamed (but only slightly) to say that I couldn’t care less. I’ve decided that I won’t be  wasting my shoe leather trotting down to the polling station. This is a first for me, as up until this year, I’d always considered voting to be a duty – as well as a hard-earned (by previous generations) democratic right. But the truth is, I’m so sick of the negative campaigning and the smug attitudes of all the politicians involved. Coupled with the fact that I don’t like most of their manifestos and I don’t believe any of their promises. Plus the “first past the post” system that exists here in the UK, basically means that unless I vote for one of the main parties (for my area/constituency) my vote is to all intents and purposes “wasted”.

This poem and cartoon almost changed my mind – maybe next time.

For all of you that are in the UK, I hope the election doesn’t spoil your weekend.


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