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All Said & Done – Anniversary Post

All Said & Done is 2 years old today!! To celebrate, both the Kindle & print versions will be reduced in price on Amazon for the next 7 Days! So get-in quick and grab a bargain. The rest of this … Continue reading

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Take Your Poet To Work Day

I’m taking Edgar Allan Poe to work tomorrow and it’s not very often I get to say those words. Once a year for the last 2 years to be precise. In case your thinking that I’ve completely lost the plot … Continue reading

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Marathon Man (I hanka for a decent Tanka)

Marathon Man Morning; I awake with stiffness in my lank legs. Yesterdays long run has taken its toll on my ungrateful, ageing body.         I love running and in fact my first blog (now defunct) was dedicated … Continue reading

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Poetry for the Google-Eyed

I recently read an article about how Google is a poet of sorts.  The premise being that Google’s text that appears below the search box as you type – the bit that attempts to predict what your typing, is sometimes … Continue reading

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Writing a good limerick is a slick trick

Most people have heard a limerick or know one or two off pat, whether smutty or otherwise. I believe the limerick as a poetic form is much maligned.  Misinformed, some think it’s easy to write a limerick. I say misinformed, … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation?

I recently downloaded a free book onto my Kindle which was so badly written, that it made very little sense. It struck me that perhaps it had been translated from a different language using software like Google Translate. As I … Continue reading

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Competition one – The Clerihew (ish) – Now Open

It’s St David’s Day or “Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant” in my mother tongue, so I feel it’s necessary to celebrate the occasion by kicking off a competition. After much (at least 10 minutes) careful consideration I’ve decided to extend the … Continue reading

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I was a teenage (mutant ninja) poet

In my teenage years, at home in South Wales, full of angst and acne, alone in my bedroom, I created a poet alter-ego “Dai Verse” and wrote poetry (quite a lot of poetry). I later started to teach myself how … Continue reading

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Small & Neat is no Mean Feat (Brevity v’s Verbosity)

I can thank Mrs Jarman, one of my primary school teachers for introducing me to poetry. She was a real rarity in my childhood – in so far as she was a ‘good’ teacher. Most of the other teachers I … Continue reading

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Who, What, Why…

Who?- My Name is David Sollis, I’m the wrong side of midlife (unless I live to be 160) and I’m a poet of sorts, in so far as I’ve been reading and writing poetry since I was about 8 years … Continue reading

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