Maya Angelou – RIP

OK, I’m a bit behind with my reading of the news. To be honest, I tend not to bother these days, as I’m a little tired of the negative spin that the media tend to put on things. But, occasionally something will grab my attention. Today that something was the sad fact that Maya Angelou is no longer with us. So in a small tribute style gesture, I’m posting one of her poems:

My Younger Days

by Maya Angelou

When I was in my younger days,
I weighed a few pounds less,
I needn’t hold my tummy in
to wear a belted dress.

But now that I am older,
I’ve set my body free;
There’s the comfort of elastic
Where once my waist would be.

Inventor of those high-heeled shoes
My feet have not forgiven;
I have to wear a nine now,
But used to wear a seven.

And how about those pantyhose-
They’re sized by weight, you see,
So how come when I put them on
The crotch is at my knee?

I need to wear these glasses
As the print’s been getting smaller;
And it wasn’t very long ago
I know that I was taller.

Though my hair has turned to gray
and my skin no longer fits,
On the inside, I’m the same old me,
It’s the outside’s changed a bit.

[Maya Angelou/Google Image/AP Photo]

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