Being Social?

I recently went to visit some old friends that I hadn’t seen for quite sometime. This little excursion involved over 200 miles of driving (which for me is quite an effort). So, shortly after I arrived, we all went out for a meal.

To my annoyance, my friends spent most of the time fiddling with their ‘SMART‘ phones, as I attempted to engage them in conversation. Ironically, they were farting-about on ‘social-media‘ sites. I felt like I was playing a bizarre game of techno-gooseberry and by the end of the day was quite pissed off.

I don’t own a smart phone and I’m working on a poem/song of that same title. But in the meantime – This Video says it all really and probably better than I could. Or at least, for now, with a tad less vitriol:


And just to keep balance – here’s the other side of the coin:






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