21st Century Verse – A call for submissions

Submit before 15th Nov.

Submit before 15th Nov.

I’ve started compiling another anthology of light verse, with a target publication date of – basically, as soon as I can get it finished. With a bit of luck and a fair wind, it should be on sale some time before the end of 2014.

My working title is “20th Century Verse”. The image to the left is the initial concept for the cover design (still to be developed before going to print – minus the “Coming Soon” flash obviously). Please feel free to let me know what you think of it. Or, perhaps offer me some advice on how it could be improved/enhanced – either by posting a comment or by contacting me through the contact page.

For this new book, I’m looking for humorous poems that fit-in with its general theme. So, poems on subjects like:

  • Technology/gadgets – smartphones/apps, tablets, pc’s, laptops, games consoles,  mp3 players, music downloads, digital cameras, robots, SatNav etc
  • Social networking/blogging – facebook, google+, youtube,  wordpress, blogger, reddit, pinterest, etc
  • The internet/www, online gaming/gambling, internet shopping, identity theft.
  • Online dating, sex/relationships, health & fitness, dieting
  • Modern work practices – working from home, telephone/video conferencing, email, e-lancing, work/life balance, job security.
  • Global warming/climate change, recycling,
  • Reality tv, talent shows, celebrity.
  • Or anything else relating to modern life.

So the gauntlet is down – surprise me with your best stuff and you never know, you could see your work in print, in the next TAPP published book. Just send me your submission via the email address on the submission page. Please make sure you read the guidelines first. It would also help if you can put “21st Century” in the message title field.

Cheers my dears and have a fabulous weekend.


About Dai Verse

Poet/muso/sketch-doodler/marathon-runner and founder of The Amorphous Poetry Project and Tap Publishing UK
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