The Amorphous Poetry Project (TAPP)

P1020388cA cosy home for collaborative poetry.

TAPP’s mission is to:

  • Encourage individuals to develop the poet within and have fun doing it
  • Raise the profile of poetry as an enjoyable creative outlet in particular “Light Verse”
  • Gather the best (in my humble opinion) poems from around the world, bolt them together in coherent collections and publish them
  • Be as inclusive as possible and to promote altruism by supporting selected charities

TAPP challenges YOU to release the pent-up poet within and join me on the roller-coaster ride to notoriety and  misfortune. Or just send me some poetry and see if I publish it. You can find details of how to send me your poetry on the ‘Submission‘ page. You can also find details of my publications in progress &/or in print on the right of this page.

Whilst you’re here – why not take a look at my Blog and get a taste of my own writing style.